Police bust robbery gang headed by medical doctor in Abuja


The police command in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja have busted a robbery gang allegedly led by a medical doctor and the proprietor of Vital Care Hospital, Kubwa, Abuja, Dr. Ola Jimade.

Northern City News learnt that while five members of the gang were arrested, Jimade is still on the run.

Those arrested were Sunday Okhomode, aka Sunny-Momoh, 30; Meshak James, 23; a painter, Amusu Koku, 28; a printer, Kunle Obajemi, 49;  and a goldsmith, Suleiman Isa, 26.

Parading the suspects on Tuesday in Abuja, the FCT Commissioner of Police, Sadiq Bello, explained that the arrest of the suspects was sequel to a reported case of armed robbery at a house in Maitama, sometime in November last year.

According to him, a BMW X6 SUV, a large quantity of gold and other valuables worth millions of naira were carted away by the robbers.

Bello said following the report, the command’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad commenced discreet investigation, which led to the arrest of the five suspects and the recovery of the stolen SUV.

The police boss said,

“In the course of investigations, so far, five vehicles, that have their colours changed, have been recovered, out of which four have been identified by their respective owners who were robbed at gunpoint in various areas of the city.

“In addition to these, four pistols with eight rounds of live ammunition and a face mask carefully concealed in a bag in the office of the runaway Dr. Ola Solomon Jimade, were recovered during the execution of a search warrant in the suspect’s hospital.”

The CP stated that investigation was ongoing to recover more vehicles and arrest other members of the gang.

“If anybody knows the whereabouts of Dr. Ola Jimade, who is said to be an indigene of Ife Olukotun community, Yagba East, Kogi State, he should quickly alert the nearest police station,” he said.

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    I woke up one faithful morning to read on the Newspapers that a very good friend of mine Dr. Jimade Ola Solomon is the leader of an armed robbery gang in Abuja. I was in shock but it was just for a moment. I regained consciousness almost immediately and tried to read other national media concerning the alleged story by the police. Foul play came straight to my mind. This story barely adds up. I went on social media read comments on the alleged accusation. I was disappointed to see a lot of people, people whom I believe to be literates casting aspersion on a young man they know nothing about.
    With the level of incompetence, charade, deception and ineptitude in the NPF, together with other agencies like Special Fraud Units and SARS. Nigerians still don’t read between the lines when they read the headlines of the Newspapers, they buy these so called stories hook line and sinker. The average Nigerian barely reasons beyond his/her noses these days. “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason so few engage in it” I have a strong feeling that Henry Ford was talking about those who read the headlines of the Newspapers that morning and quickly judged Dr. Jimade Ola Solomon as a criminal without getting their facts right.

    I have known Dr. Jimade Ola Solomon for fifteen years now. We met each other at the University of Ilorin, I remember that sunny afternoon while I was sitting in the hostel and a vibrant young man came into the room with his daddy’s driver carrying some of his bags. We were bunk mates for a year and I never saw a trace of nefarious activities or criminal tendencies in that young man. I only saw an intelligent young man, full of ideas and a dream to become a good medical doctor. Dr. Jimade Ola Solomon was a good student, never repeated a class all through his pursuit in becoming a medical doctor. He was always fond of talking about his daddy and how he wanted his daddy to be proud of him as he was the only son of four children. He was a socialite (the founder of Defclan) and made a lot of friends who should be able to say to anyone who cares to listen “This is obviously a setup”. Some say he was a notorious gang leader in the university. Get your facts right peeps is Defclan a cult? Answer is No. Defclan members were only ambitious and intelligent students in medical college in his era as the Chief of the club. All the members of Defclan are doing extremely well in their different medical fields both here in Nigeria and abroad. He was a mentor and left the university with clean records. It stands to reason that this is defamation of character.

    The big questions, which cartel of the police planned this story and why? What is this cartel trying to hide from the public? How did the guns discovered in his hospital get there? Who is this cartel trying to protect? Why do they want to shut Dr. Jimade Ola Solomon up? Questions Nigerians
    How would a young promising doctor, who worked in the State Clinic Abuja, Established his own Hospital, married to a beautiful woman who has a fine career Job and impeccable character stoop so low to staying on the highway to rob cars or mix with the hooligans we saw on the Newspapers? To risk his beautiful career c’mon for Christ sake we watch the news all over the world and see the tricks of the Government/ Police/Public officials all over the world, some of these political stunts are also shown in true life movies, where top officials get involved in dubious criminal activities and nail it on innocent souls. Some go to the extent of eliminating these souls so that their dirty activities are covered and others who are able to flee for their lives get setup so they cannot to speak or expose these activities or people but go exile. Dr. Ola Solomon Jimade cannot hold a gun lest shoot one. Why didn’t the police find guns in his house? Why his hospital, a hospital opened 24/7? Where it could be planted hmmm! One thing I know for sure the truth would always prevail and the wicked will have no rest.
    Dr. Ola Solomon Jimade I don’t know if you still alive or dead, but I hope you are alive. I want you to stay strong and believe in God to prove your innocence. Light will shine over darkness and truth over lie. They could not kill your dreams so they decided to assassinate your personality
    I ask those who have made malicious comments on different blogs, facebook etc to read between the lines, subconsciously ask questions and you see that this story does not add up one bit. Get all the facts, your judgments can be right; but if you don’t get all the facts, it can’t be right. Some would say this article is crazy or bullshit cool! Your opinion is your opinion; your perception is your perception; but do not confuse your opinions/perceptions with facts or the truth. Before you “assume” try this crazy method called “asking”.


    • Emeka pls channel your complaints to the authorities if you think your friend is innocent, get a lawyer for him, a good one. You never know people change there must have been some connection somewhere

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