BigBrotherNaija2018: OAP Do2tun blast social media users criticizing Miracle and Nina for having sex on life TV (Video)


Popular On Air Personality, Dotun has reacted to critics slamming BBNaija’s Miracle and Nina for having  sex last night.

The O.A.P took to his twitter handle to chastise those who had harsh words to say about the pair but had a thing or two to say to a particular troll, who tagged what happened in the BBNaija house blue film.

Dotun tweeted;

Y’all are complaining about sex on LIVE tv & condemning their morals. Good. What will our God do? The one he sees everyday nko that you claim & swore you won’t do again nko? Stop being a Pharisee. If u aren’t morally upright, don’t Judge & if you are, Watch Dove TV #BBNaija

It’s called IQ or third process not reasoning logic
Now the rejects will argue, remain ignorant and will insult you when their opinion makes no sense. Boda Alabi DSTV is cable, very optional & there is also GOTV with an option of N3000. Your National Tv is on Terrestrial e.g NTA. Please buy an antenna or buy a lil sense

Why wouldn’t he call it BLUE FILM. his handle is “SUBMISSIVE COCK” but he is condemning adults who had sex on TV. HYPOCRITE! without a PH.d #BBNaija”


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