Ethical And Moral Sustainability Of The African Youths – By Benneth Anumihe



I recently stumbled into a quote by an American actor,  Keanu Reave, and it says “I dream of a day where I will walk down the street and hear people talk about philosophy sustainability and morality” it quickly dawned on me how the younger generation have derailed from reality, not focusing on what really matters most as regards issues that directly affect their  lives.

These days people focus more on the social trend leaving behind topics of societal concern.  They hardly look up to people with good and high moral standard that can positively sharpen them to become  better persons and being seen as more responsible by the older generation.

In my humble opinion I think it is time we consider falling back to the three topics raised in Keanu Reave’s quote, which are:

  • Philosophy
  • Sustainability and
  • Morality

These are what has caused great events discoveries and also raised great people with impeccable character in the 19th century.

I am of the opinion that the society and people tend to change with trends. We are in a Digital era, hence the technology and social media is taking over everything in our world today. Even in Africa the influence of the western lifestyle has seriously affected our moral and ethical values. Our Ladies want to be like the Kardashians. Nudity, sexism, homosexuality and pornography are now seen as norms in our society today in reverse young men hardly want to invest in knowledge they embrace people and lifestyle that makes them grow huge appetite and never ending demand for leisure, thereby eradicating the place of hard work and innovation in their mindset.

This article is about me being opinionated, I foresee a lost generation where the youths are intellectually poor, under-educated and misinformed and if we do not retract our ways I foresee a failed generation in a disjointed society.

In summary I think the African youth in general should avail themselves more on issues or events that promote good moral values to also arouse the desire to become less dependent on the western culture which will promote behavioral changes and a different societal outlook on the image of the African youth globally, so they can be seen as responsible and be taken seriously on issues that affect them.


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